Why Twitter Won’t Die

In one of my classes this morning, someone made what I thought was a pretty ignorant comment: “If people don’t figure out how to use social media for something useful, things like Twitter will die.”
Ya right. He’s obviously not on Twitter.

Granted, most of the Twitter traffic is fluff. But that’s the beauty of Twitter–you can sift through the fluff and create a carefully-managed flow of information from people who are tweeting about your interests. I think people are worried that once you join Twitter, you’ll be bombarded with irrelevant content that nobody cares about (like what someone ate for lunch). That’s definitely not the case.

Twitter will never die (at least anytime soon) simply because it’s quick, it’s dirty, it’s efficient, and it’s real time. I, for one, heard the news about the earthquake in Japan first on Twitter. And the neat trick I learned in WordPress last week came from a timely tweet. It’s as relevant as you want it to be.

Long live Twitter.

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  1. I think Twitter will be around for a while but I personally get frustrated with the short length. Would it have really hurt to have another 40 to 60 characters so I can complete my thought?

  2. hey! i tweet about my lunch! and im pretty sure my mom cares!

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