Syncing Shopify customers to Facebook Custom Audiences

A little background on my current automation setup for my Stitch People Shopify store–I’ve written a custom Shopify app in Ruby on Rails to handle a lot of small tasks for me after someone makes a purchase. Unfortunately, this app is totally custom and wouldn’t work for anyone else, but eventually I’ll generalize it and throw it up on Github somewhere. The app currently helps connect Shopify to Drip, Facebook Custom Audiences, Zendesk, and more.

I’ve been waiting for a Shopify app to come along that will handle automatic syncing of customer data to Facebook Custom Audiences with advanced rules. There are a few out there that do this on a really basic level (like this one) but nothing yet that gives me the granular controls I’m looking for. So I built a service into my custom Shopify app that connects with SyncSumo.

SyncSumo is a service that lets you sync your custom audiences with outside data. They have a lot of different ways for accepting the data that needs to be synced to your audiences, and those integrations are focused mainly around email marketing and webinar software. I’m hoping they’ll eventually integrate with Shopify, but for now, they have a Webhook integration that lets you post some JSON data to an endpoint. This is what I’m using.

My custom Rails app receives webhook notifications from Shopify for new purchase events. When that happens, I just pull the email address out of the data Shopify sends me, repackage it into a JSON POST request, and then fire it off to the SyncSumo webhook endpoint. Within an hour, this email then gets synced to my Facebook Custom Audience.

I need more granular controls than other apps can give me because I’ve created custom audiences for each individual product purchased. Right now we have 4 pattern books, and I want to create audiences for each of them. There is definitely a lot of overlap in those audiences, but what I’m more interested in are the people who are in one audience but not in another. Those are perfect cross-sell potentials.

Our main product is our DIY book. It was the first book we released, and that’s the first book most people buy. We now have 3 other books that complement the DIY book in various ways with animals, military, and occupations and hobbies. When I have a custom audience for each of these products, I can create Facebook ads that target people who have purchased the DIY book, but NOT the Occupations and Hobbies book, or one of the other books.

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