Stitch People on the Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Lizzy and I had a really cool opportunity a few weeks ago to be interviewed on Kurt Elster’s Unofficial Shopify Podcast. It was a ton of fun, and Kurt was a great host for us. We walked in not knowing where the conversation would take us, and I think we were all a bit surprised by what we ended of focusing on: building a tribe around Stitch People. Using Seth Godin’s ‘Tribes’ as a blueprint, we’ve worked hard at making our marketing personal and building a dedicated fan base around the Stitch People brand. That has led to an incredible Stitch People Community group on Facebook with over 650 members, incredible interactions between fans of Stitch People, and great one-on-one engagement between fans and Lizzy.
You can listen to the full episode below, or check it out at

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