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When we launched the DIY Stitch People Book back in October, we didn’t realize how quickly it would gain traction. Thanks to an active Pinterest crowd, some Facebook ads, and a natural rise in organic search traffic, we’re selling more books than we expected. And as you might expect from two people who have never run a business that consistently ships physical products (sporadic portrait orders don’t count), we found ourselves in need of a better way to manage the shipping/fulfillment aspect of Stitch People.
A typical day at our house

We’re avid podcast listeners, so we’ve heard a lot about recently. We signed up for an account and started printing postage at home. It was a pretty slick process and a major improvement over going down to the post office to ship books, but it still didn’t tie in directly with our Shopify store. I kept searching.

I thought I had a solution when I found the Shopify app. I went down that rabbit hole and eventually learned that unless you’re running the Windows client of, there’s no way to integrate it into Shopify. As a Mac user, I was out of luck.

Next I called support and asked if there was anything else I could try. The guy referred me to ShipStation, a company recently acquired. They had a way to integrate Shopify and without using the Windows client, he said. And it turns out he was right.

Ship Station

ShipStation is perfect for us. We can log in to ShipStation, see the latest orders, print labels according to a preset we configured (Media Mail, 13 ounces, etc.), and the tracking numbers are immediately populated into Shopify, the order is fulfilled, and the customer gets the regular Shopify email with the tracking number. And we never had to login to Shopify.

Check out ShipStation here.

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  1. Spencer – It’s great to have you as a ShipStation user!

  2. Seems like a great solution!

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