In an effort to consolidate my blogs and (hopefully) write more frequently, this will now be my main blog. As a result, you’ll see more non-technical posts mixed in with the technical, hopefully illuminating the fact that I have a life beyond just coding and working on various side projects. If it helps, I’ll work on categorizing my posts so you can jump directly to the stuff you care about reading.
I’ve also done a bit of a redesign, switching to the default Twenty Eleven theme on WordPress. The header was pieced together after I wrote down the alphabet with a sharpie, took a picture of it, did a Live Trace of the letters in Illustrator, and constructed the header image.

Don’t forget that Lizzy and I are also working on another blog called The Luncheon Project, where we meet new people, take them to lunch, and blog about it. It’s been a great experience so far and we’ve met some pretty incredible people along the way.

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