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I’ve got a new favorite app–Pulse News. It does news. And it does news really, really well.
I’m not one of those guys who has a million apps installed on his phone or tablet. I use some pretty standard Android apps (Advanced Task Killer, TweetDeck, Mint, Evernote, etc) and don’t like to clutter my phone with unnecessary junk. But even these apps don’t get used every day like Pulse does.

The main thing Pulse has going for it is the ability to customize your news feeds to be whatever you want, including your Facebook wall, RSS feeds, and popular news sources like Mashable or The New York Times. You’ve got five tabs you can populate with about 10 news feeds each, giving you plenty of options for organizing and consuming your news.

Pulse just scored $9M in funding, which means it’s likely there will be significant improvements to the app in the future (I’m hoping for a custom number of tabs, the ability to sync tab customization between devices, and a slick HTML5 interface). The app has 4 million users and won an Apple design award at WWDC. Bottom line–it’s going places.

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