Netflix Dominates North American Internet Traffic

I saw this article on Google News tonight:
Netflix now “the king” of North American Internet traffic

Basically it says that Netflix, at peak traffic times, accounts for almost 30 percent of Internet traffic in North America. That’s more than BitTorrent traffic. At first I couldn’t believe it, until I looked at my TV and realized I was watching Netflix, and had been for an hour or two. And last night. And probably the night before. Having a Blu Ray player that pulls in Netflix is what did us in.

There’s also been some talk about introducing pronounced data caps on home Internet service, like cell phone networks have imposed on their data plans. I sure hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon. Europeans consume over double the amount of data than we do in North America–but they can do it because they have faster networks. Which begs the question: why don’t we have faster networks?

Let’s hope it’s only a matter of time.

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