MINIMALISTT Kangaroo Shirt

My new side hustle is MINIMALISTT, a T-shirt company I started with minimalist design in mind. I’m not a designer by any means, but with a little searching on the Adobe Creative Cloud Market, there are plenty of design elements to play around with and piece together for a simple T-shirt design.

Having spent a lot of time in Shopify with Stitch People, it made sense to just rinse and repeat what I know there. Within a few hours, I had a new shop fully up and running, accepting payments, and integrated with Printful.

The ultimate goal of MINIMALISTT is two-fold: first, I want to play around with the dropship model. Managing inventory is one of my least favorite parts of Stitch People, so I wanted to do something that had as little overhead as possible. Second, I want to use it as a case study to really dig into Facebook Ads—especially audience targeting. I’ll be sharing insights gleaned here on the blog.

If you want a quick 15% off your first order, just sign up for the newsletter on the home page. Once you confirm your email, you’ll get sent back to the website with the coupon automatically applied at checkout.

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