Mashable Follow – First look

This morning I found an invite to Mashable Follow in my email. I followed the link, registered with my Twitter account, and started following a bunch of topics to create a customized news feed. My current feed includes topics like Android, iPhone, Apple, Google, WordPress, and more. Now I can log in to Mashable and navigate to My Stories to see the latest news on all the topics I follow:


Not bad, and fairly simple.

Mashable Follow vs. Google News

I’m usually a Google News user, which also allows for following specific topics. The nice thing about Google News is that it pulls news articles from lots of different news sources into an aggregate. However, it doesn’t really write any content itself. Mashable, on the other hand, writes unique content. It’s becoming an increasingly reliable source of information, especially for the tech world and related news.

Nice features

Mashable Share is a new feature that I really like. Mashable has moved from the sidebar that shows all the different ways to share content to the simple Mashable Share button:

And when you click on it, it becomes a fly-out menu:Personally, I like this feature. Previously, sharing this on both Facebook and Twitter required two clicks and follow through for each. Now, you format it once and can share it to multiple accounts at the same time (provided you’ve added these accounts already). Not bad.

Hopeful fixes

It’s still a fairly new service, so there are still a few quirks that need to be worked out. For example, I’d like to be able to delete a specific article from my feed, and have Mashable remember that, like curating a Pandora station. The more they can cater content within specific categories directly to me, the better.

More to come as I spend time really digging in to Mashable Follow.

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  1. I feel like if I chose the topics to follow, I will never be introduced to new things. Does that happen?

  2. Not that I can tell yet. But I’ll keep an eye out for an option like that. I agree–it would be awesome.

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