The Luncheon Project Anniversary

It was just over a year ago when my wife and I started The Luncheon Project, a blog dedicated to meeting new people and writing about their stories. More than 20 lunches later, we have new friends, new perspectives on life, and a strong motivation to keep The Luncheon Project going.

Our latest post highlights some of the goals we have for the next year of The Luncheon Project, including live events and podcasts. The biggest comment we get about these lunches is, “Hey, can I come along for the lunch?” While a small lunch interview isn’t the place to have a big group, a large event where several of our past Luncheon Project guests are in attendance would be the perfect place.

If you have other ideas for The Luncheon Project, head over to our Facebook page¬†and let us know! Thanks to all you Luncheon Project readers out there–we couldn’t do this without your continued support and encouragement.

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