Playing support technician for your friends and family members is not always fun, especially when you can’t see their screen. You find yourself describing tiny little buttons in really obscure places that you’re almost positive they won’t find. It’s in these types of situations that I bust out Jing.

Jing is free software that lets you record the action on your screen (up to five minutes) and share it instantly. Works on both Mac and PC.

Here are some of the more specific selling points:

  1. Narration. Need to talk out loud as you record? No problem. As long as you’ve got a microphone, you can narrate the video in real time.
  2. Custom Recording Size. Jing lets you specify the area you’d like to record. It could be just the program you’re using, a specific part of that program, or even full screen.
  3. Five Minutes. Some people might see this as a limitation, but I see it as motivation to keep my comments and directions concise and to the point. When you know you’ve only got five minutes, it often forces you to script out what you’re going to say.
  4. Screencast.com. When you sign up with Jing, you automatically get 2GB of online storage with Screencast.com (same company). When you’re finished with your Jing video, you can easily upload it to your Screencast account and share it instantly.
  5. Publishing. Once your video is on Screencast, you can share it via URL or even embed it into a webpage. If you’ve got server space elsewhere, you can also publish to FTP. But if you’d rather keep things local, the option is available to save it locally to your hard drive as a .swf file.
  6. Twitter. Jing also has the option to share your video via Twitter. From the Jing dashboard, you’re able to use your 140 characters and send out a URL to your video.
  7. Lightweight. It’s a small install, and runs inconspicuously in the corner. When you need it, it’s there; when you’re done, it disappears.

Check it out at JingProject.com.

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  1. Great post. The free version of CrossLoop is also good for interactive tech support.

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