GrooVe IP

When we were in Europe in 2010, I wanted an Android app like GrooVe IP that would allow me to make phone calls with my Google Voice number over WiFi. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a decent solution, so we made due with Skype. But now that GrooVe IP is around (and only $2.10 today in the Android Market), I can ditch Skype and use my Google Voice number for just about everything (for free), even when I don’t have a cell signal.

You might wonder when I would ever have a WiFi connection but no cell reception. Happens all the time on my WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It’s got speakers and a microphone, which means that GrooVe IP can turn my tablet into a phone, and I can use my Google Voice number to do it!

So if you’ve been looking for an app to let you make calls over WiFi, check out GrooVe IP.

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