Google+ Huddle

One of my favorite features about the new Google+ product is Huddle. It’s not in the browser (at least not yet), so you’ll need to download the mobile app to use it.
For me, Huddle will act as a replacement for GroupMe, allowing me to easily text message groups of people and carry on conversations with group members on my phone.This kind of functionality turned out to be crucial for collaboration between me and my group members for school this last year. And if Google can perfect the formula (and the app heads to iOS soon), I’ll be totally on board.

It’ll be interesting to see how Google will develop Huddle further, and whether or not it’ll be accessible from the browser. I find that when I’m at my desk and need to send a text, I usually pull up Google Voice in the browser. And with the Google Voice extension for Chrome, I can do everything I need (even make and receive calls in Gmail) via the browser. I’d like to see this kind of functionality and flexibility included in Google+.

If you haven’t checked out Huddle yet, head over to the Android Market and get the Google+ app. And feel free to add me to your Circles: ssbean {at} gmail {dot} com.

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