Google IO BootCamp 2011

6:23 am. Arrived early with my friend, Trevor Fitzgerald. There were only about 15 people here.
7:40 am. Check-in started early. At this point, the line was down the hall and out the door. Those of us lured here early with extra swag were greeted with a 2GB thumb drive. Talk about a let down.

7:50 am. Continental breakfast and great balcony seating for a few of us. Spent about 20 minutes griping about the thumb drive. Plugged it into both my Dell and CR-48 — nothing.

8:25 am. Got a seat in the Robertson auditorium. Sitting with a bunch of guys I met in line. Nations represented: Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Sweden, and the US.

8:55 am. Google people lined up on the side of the room, each looking at a phone or laptop or tablet.

9:00 am. Tim Bray takes the stage. There’s a website they’ll be using today to let attendees rate speakers during the presentation, giving them¬†real time¬†feedback.

9:25 am. Welcome speech was simple, now headed into the Android Development for Beginners session, led by Nick Butcher from the London office.

10:45 am. Now on to Getting Started with HTML5. Cool presentation so far about HTML5, local storage, browser notifications, CSS animations, etc. I like the direction we’re headed with HTML5. So far, this is my favorite presentation–energetic, relevant, and engaging. Interesting to see how HTML5 apps like TweetDeck use web workers and other HTML5 stuff.

11:45 am. Grabbed a lunch box and am now in the lab coding session for Best Practices for Android. Hard to keep up with everything, but the main gist of this session is that there is some REALLY awesome stuff to do with Android app development, especially when you’re properly implementing Model-View-Controller. Without MVC, you’ll be designing a really inefficient app that’ll be difficult to update and modify later.

1:45 pm. Introduction to Honeycomb is next. We’re back with Nick Butcher for a more intimate coding session. Prerequisite to this session was working through the Notepad tutorial, but about 5% of the room has actually done that. Hard to enforce a prerequisite at a conference like this.

2:30 pm. This session is very code-intensive. They showed a few slides, talked about fragments, and let us loose on a project. Neat stuff available on Honeycomb–I’ve got plenty to learn.

3:30 pm. Wrapping up the Intro to Honeycomb session by reviewing some of the newer features in Honeycomb (property animation, etc).

3:45 pm. Break. Awesome snacks.

4:00 pm. In the last session of the day. I chose to attend the ‘Developing and Publishing an App for the Chrome Web Store’ code lab. Hoping to learn where they plan on taking on the Chrome Web Store in the future, and what the long-term vision is.

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